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A Game of Hands


A Game of Hands is a fantasy-based Pathfinder game played and GMed by a group of local friends about a group of local friends. The game’s GM role is passed to another player after each adventure is completed.

About the Name

“Hands” is the name of a card game within this world, wherein a pair of players lay down cards of certain values. The first round is known as the Upper Hand and the last round is known as the Under Hand. Thus is played the a game of Hands.

The existence of this card game, and the fact that the GM role will be passed from hand to hand, makes the phrase “A Game of Hands” rather fitting.

The Setting

The setting is developed by each of the players / GMs equally. As a new GM takes over the game, new cities, nations, factions, and creatures are created and given life. We each have the freedom to define a segment of this world as long as we refrain from retconning something a previous GM has established.

A Game of Hands

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