Karim Conner

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Name: Karim Konner
Pronuciation: ka-REEM CAHN-er

Age: 17 (just turned)

Height: 6’2"
Weight: 146 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Amber
Skin: Dusky bronze

While clean, Karim has a careless appearance. Her hair is loose and wild in the front and loosely pulled into a ponytail at the nape of her neck. Her homebrew armor that she made with the blacksmith’s help is well cared for and functional if not beautiful design. She’s a charming looking young woman.

About Karim…

She’s the first child out of six. Her mother, Allana, is an independent rancher. She inherited the small ranch from her father. She sells horses in the neighboring shires. Her mother finally married about 12 years ago, and the last five children were products of that marriage.

Karim was hot-headed and independent, even as a child. Dresses were destroyed and she often wasn’t seen for most of the day on her “adventures.” Allana didn’t try to control her, but accepted her as she was. She didn’t force her to learn like the rest of her children and as such Karim never learned to read, but she has a good memory and learned history and math from the town bard.

Arminas tried to bully her once. She punched him in the face and told him that it was her lunch money. They got along fine after that and sometimes help in their shenanigans. Silas and her liked to bicker because she’d come into the woods disturbing him and Souris disturbing their peace and quiet on her “adventures.” She didn’t mind and often lay in the grass chatting with them when she was resting.

She was fascinated with Rejard, but not for the same reasons as her little sister. She wanted to know about him. She ignored his shyness and dragged him about town to meet people. She was made at one point in her early teens to introduce him to Juniper and pass a love note from her sister to him… which she made clear was not hers.

As a bit of a tomboy, she was always just one of the guys and more often than not was thought charming by the other girls that she stood up for. If any guy let them down, she was the one pointed in his direction. There are rumors that there was more to it than that, but she’s never confirmed or denied them to anyone. She always said that it wasn’t any of their business.

She apprenticed on at the blacksmith shop, mostly for shoeing horses, but she also learned to make armor and weapons. Her current armor is a homebrew of her attempts and hours of labor. She might have skipped out on work at the ranch, but she never skipped out on the blacksmith shop. She gave most of her income to her mother to help out the family.

Karim wanted to be treated as an adult. At home, it was impossible with her mother hanging over her head. And her new “father” often left her alone at the request of Allana who realized that Karim wouldn’t accept him in the way the other children had. Danneth, tried to treat her as his own child, but found that it only caused Karim to stay away more, so he finally listened to Allana and focused on the other children. Karim was quite happy to be left alone in this respect.

As such, Karim found herself in the bar listening to stories and trying to learn from people passing through the town. After all, she would need this information if she was to make it out there. Rejard caught her one day trying to talk a barmaid into slipping her a drink. Needing someone to be a ‘mark’ in his card games, he promised to get her a drink if she would help him. So, she helped him win money in exchange for a few drinks. She has never asked for a cut of his profit. (I figure his charm helped in procuring those drinks.)

Mother: Allana Conner
Father: Unknown
Step-Father: Danneth Conner
1 – (17) Karim
2 – (15) Brother: Erik
3 – (13) Sister: (had crush on Rejard) Juniper
4 – (12) Brother: Alex
5 – (10) Brother: Derrick
6 – (9) Sister: Tara

Karim Conner

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