White Song

The White Song is a legend amongst bards and those of a creative nature. It is a powerful ‘living music’ that weaves throughout the world. It is known by many names: the elves call it the Ga’Len Lai’el; to the dwarves it is the Urthak-Uhl; while the orcs call it Charn’a.

Voices of Keliah’s Choir believe that the White Song is a sliver of the gift that their goddess gave the world upon creation—a verse from Keliah’s Song. But not all bards believe in the White Song. To some, it is a vague legend. To others, it is not even a consideration. But for some, the White Song is everything.

Long in the distant past, a mysterious race known as the Aethel found a way to harness the power of music. They gave it shape in the form of living light, and placed it in a tower unlike any other. This was the last act of the Aethel, as it consumed them as a race to complete this task.

For centuries, the White Song lay dormant, sending out its living music to all those who would hear. It was then discovered by Douran Hammerharp, the greatest dwarven bard who ever lived. Douran knew and understood the White Song, and was able to harness its power. He brought apprentices from all over the world, in all walks of life, and taught them to hear the White Song.

From that point on, the Church of the White Song has used the power of the Living Music to combat the forces of darkness. Evil bards cannot hear the White Song.

White Song

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