Stonewall is a city of legislation. Its order means that it’s an appropriate capital to the Kingdom of Belarra. The city is known for its technological pursuits in the ways of artificery. Nestled against the Living Mountains and on the Warrin River, it thrives on commerce. On the other side of the river is its counterpart Freegear in the neighboring kingdom.

The city is made of three layers of partial circles. The outer most circle is the Steel Trade district. The first wall is made of steel and curves to encompass the riverside docks to the mountains. On the south edge is the Steel Tower on which all the laws of Stonewall are written.

The second layer is the Iron Living district. It is surrounded by an iron wall. Most of the homes were built in this area. Straight lines prevalent in the outer district fade here. In a church ran by mute priests, the Iron Laws are held in memory. Churches, public bath houses, and guild houses are intermingled with resident’s homes.

The inner most layer is only seen by those on official business. The Stone Wall harkens back to the city’s name. It is the heart of the city and where all of legislature of Stonewall is done. The City Hall, Guard House, and other administrative buildings are found here. It is also said that The Lady resides here.

The Lady is the ruler of Stonewall. The closest analogy to her role would be Queen, however, she is more likely to be referred to as Lady Justice or Lady Executioner. It is rumored that no one who has seen her has lived. However, none have seen her in years. However, her presence is still felt in the Judges present to enforce her laws.


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