Nahadaar's Fall

This is the creation myth believed by the people of Godfall and the Seven Nations.

In the beginning, the world was formless and chaotic. One being, the Nameless God, arrived with his pantheon of seven. In turn, each of them shaped the world, choosing a domain to call their own.

Alhoul, Master of Life and Winds, breathed into the clay beings that the Nameless had wrought from the very earth. Thus were born the races of the world: the humans from clay, the dwarves from stone, the elves from silver and gold, and many others.

Keliah, Mistress of Sound and Song, of all that is beautiful, sang of the birth of the world, and the pantheon celebrated.

The work continued, but all was not well atop the great Spire of Creation.

The Nameless God looked down upon the world and brooded. He saw only happiness and joy. For undefined eternities, because this was long before the eternities were defined, he watched and waited for something else, _any_thing else.

Nothing came. The races were happy. It was paradise.

And they did not grow. The Nameless God changed this.

He confided in Malach, the Keeper of Secrets, the Warden of Truth. He told him of his plan, and Malach despaired. He tried to convince his lord that the plan was folly, but the Nameless would have none of it. Being who he was, Malach had no choice to bear the burden of the truth alone, and hide it from his fellows.

And so it was that the Nameless God shaped more beings out of the stars of night, out of the very things not of this world at all, and he brought them to Alhoul for life. Alhoul looked upon these creatures with curiosity, and with disgust. But he did as was bidden, and he breathed life into the creatures.

The Nameless God unleashed them upon the world, and they wrought destruction like no other. The pantheon looked down upon the scouring of their creation and they wailed. They asked their master “why?” but he did not answer. He merely watched … and smiled.

Malach soon came to the others, and he revealed the secrets he kept about the Nameless God. One of these secrets, you see, was the god’s name. With names come power, and the Seven now had power of their master.

And so it was that the pantheon rose up against their Nameless Lord. Together the Seven fought and chained him to a boulder of unbreakable stone and cast him to the world below.

But Nahadaar, which means “Nameless,” cursed Malach for eternity. For his betrayal, he cast the angel into shadow, from where he would have to bear his burden alone and in darkness.

The pantheon then descended to the world and built the city of Godfall atop Nahadaar’s resting place. Seven Nations were formed to watch over the city, and to make certain Nahadaar and his Nahadaari would never return.

Nahadaar's Fall

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