Berekhan is the Demon Prince of Hatred.

Born long ago to a union of mortal and divine, Berekhan is hatred and aggression incarnate. His father is Beremak, Chief of the Black Pantheon. Long has Berekhan lusted for his father’s throne, but he must now make do with a layer of the Abyss.

Berekhan was born thousands of years ago. He grew quickly, but spurned every gift granted to him by his demigod status. He blamed others for his failings and grew paranoid as he wandered the world. It soon became apparent to his father that Berekhan would be little more than a strong attack dog: he would point, and Berekhan would unleash his fury, tearing his enemies limb from limb with only his bare hands.

As he grew in power and in hatred, Berekhan began to show outward changes that reflected the monster within. His skin began to scale and his eyes began to glow with a furious light. It was much later when his divine nature erupted, giving him extra arms sprouting from his torso. He worked his father’s forge to grow even stronger, and vented his hatred on the battlefield.

It was during the Silver War that Berekhan met Borassus, the Ironlord, in the Citadel of Brass. Borassus was not only a champion of Ilveris, but also her son. During this confrontation, Borassus finally ended the mortal life of Berekhan. This was also the battle that wounded Borassus to the point of needing an artificial body.

Berekhan’s soul went immediately to the Abyss, where it festered in a spire of obsidian. His hatred finally grew so potent that he was able to break out and take form. For six hundred days, he fought his way across the Abyss, slaying everything in his path. This infusion of demonic energy, coupled with his half-divinity, elevated him to the status of Demon Prince. He quickly conquered the 326th layer of the Abyss and renamed it Gnasthyre, the Gnashing Tooth.

Berekhan appears as a massive humanoid with iron colored skin. He is constantly soaked in a sheen that looks like blood. He has six massive arms, with a different number of fingers on each hand. Two massive tendrils also sprout from his back. His legs are crooked like a wolf’s, and he has a massive forked tongue.


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