A Lesson in Practicality

Karim frowned at Rejard as he once again explained that the elegant work on his rapier was just for show. Her eye twitched as he spoke with the girl in front of him who seemed to be enjoying every bit of the attention. Still, she waited silently and patiently until the girl left and Rejard turned to her smiling.

Rolling her eyes, she grabbed his wrist pulling him through town. “Rej, we really need to do something about the ‘just for show’ weapons you have. You need something more practical!”

He let her pull him with a wry grin. “You realize that though my rapier isn’t masterwork that it is still functional as a weapon, right?”

“Well, practical is better! You can always rely on it and know that someone didn’t choose design over function.” She paused and looked him up and down in front of the hunting shop. “This would probably be better than the blacksmith. You seem to prefer lighter weapons than I do.”

Rejard chuckled. “As you wish. Choose and I’ll take your advice. I wouldn’t want to be caught unprepared.”

Shooting him an indulgent look, Karim’s hand tugged impatiently on his wrist as she walked inside. He followed without complaint. Briefly nodding to the shopkeep, Karim promptly began handing him different bows and testing the pull. Her eyes sharply checked over his form for any weakness, and then she examined each bow carefully.

Finally, she settled on a dark stained short bow with a simple leather handwrap. “You have the strength for a long bow, but I believe you’ll be quicker and more accurate with this. This is practical.” Karim held up the bow for the amused Rejard, and then pointed to his rapier. “That is pretty, but as you like to say… just for show.”

“I appreciate your concern for me, Karim.”

“Just talk to your dad about it. Old man Leonel will hold it for you.” Karim walked up and talked to the shopkeep for a few minutes handing him the bow. “He’ll wait for today and tomorrow. After that, it goes back up on display.”

Rejard nodded, noting the proud look on Karim’s face. It was easy to forget she was younger than him sometimes. She was much more practical than her sisters, especially the one that always asked about him and flirted with him. It would be her thirteenth birthday soon.

He didn’t comment the next day when she wore a smug look after seeing the short bow slung over his shoulder.

A Lesson in Practicality

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