Silas Blackpetal

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Silas Blackpetal was born in 1705 DR, the Year of Storm’s Warning. His birth was marked with the sign of Broken Fangs (the red star in the center of the constellation of the Serpent). It is also worth noting that his birth was attended by Martin the Mad, the Hedge Wizard known to haunt western Athael. Though Silas is older than his companions by about a century, Martin was seen at the births of almost all the others in the group.

Silas was born to Jarae and Suthel, Storm Elves living on the outskirts of Westfork. They had helped to found the town, and now lived in a large tree near the border.
Silas was always a moody child. He was sullen and angry, and was taunted mercilessly for being ‘different’. When he was thirty—roughly six years as humans reckon time—he grew interested in the art of alchemy. He also began to skulk about in the shadows. He soon learned to combine these two talents to get back at his tormentors. He later learned that this was foolhardy. Humans lived such short lives compared to his, and watching them grow old was enough for him. He soon found use as an expert on natural medicines and helped ease the lives of those he once hated.
It is recently that he has become wary friends with a group of ragtag youngsters living in the village. At 112, he is roughly the same age (mentally) as these others. He has made himself useful to the group as a healer, alchemist, and hidden ally.

Silas has always carried an interest in Alchemy. Not only that, but he is well learned in herb lore. He has been mentored in this task by Martin, who appears from nowhere to dispense advice and tales, then disappears, sometimes for years at a time.

Because he has no need for sleep, Silas often works all night long, stopping only to Trance for a couple of hours. As such, he has a small laboratory and living space by the river, near his parents tree-home. He can often be found in strange places, working the secret runes of his art, seeking new ingredients, and working new combinations of elixirs.

Silas also has a secret dream to wed his Alchemical skill into the weapons he carries as he stalks the shadows. He has been working his plans and saving his gold in the hopes that his group will soon travel to realms of the Gnomes.

He is also working, in secret, on his own Alchemical creation.

Silas Blackpetal

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