Emeric Lawson

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Valiah Lawson came to Westfork when her son was still a toddler, barely beyond his first steps. As he grew, his mother told him wild tales of Landal Thornreef, the great elven pirate, who pillaged the ships of the kings of distant lands not for his own gain, but for the good of the destitute. Thornreef, she told the boy, was his father—a good man who could not leave the world without a hero, and was thus forced to return to the sea soon after the birth of his son.

This son, Emeric, hung on every word of his mother’s stories. As he grew from a child into adolescence, he fashioned himself after the father he had never known, going as far as to adopt the mannerisms and vocal inflections his mother used when portraying her lost love. Never one to be shy, he made friends early in life. He approached learning with humor, often skirting admonishment due to his quirkly, fun-loving attitude. A half-elf, he drew many of his features from his father’s lineage— though his height and dark hair came from his mother’s side.

Within a few years of coming to Westfork, Emeric was introduced, separately, to Rejard and Rasa. With the former, he learned skills unassociated with the little town from Rejard’s worldly father. With the latter, Emeric found a friend with whom he could raise mischief, especially when he learned of her naturally affinity for magic. Countless evenings were spent sneaking from his bedroom to Rasa’s home so the two could practice and show off their particular skills.

Because one did not spend much time with Rej without also meeting Karim, Emeric became friends with the “wild-girl” (as he affectionately called her before the punching began). Initially believing the two to be brother and sister, Emeric was shocked when he learned they were not.

Recently, Emeric and his mother have come to an understanding that the young half-elf has inherited his father’s wanderlust, and she has reluctantly agreed to let him travel with his friends on their adventures into the world. Though he holds hopes of finding his father somewhere in his travels, Em has only told his friends that he is beginning his first step towards piracy— finding a boat.

Emeric is most often seen wearing a rich red overcoat adorned with gold embroidery over a mish-mash of typically pirate-like attire, even when on land. His coat hides a layer of light leather armor, and his father’s rapier, a finely-crafted elven blade, hangs at his side.

Emeric Lawson

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